She sits curled up with her feet tucked under

-a notebook on her knee-

Her hair wraps around her neck warms up

as the rain streams down outside.

Pen scribbles words, the dryer clicks and the

gold light fills the room

The day quiets down from a week that’s thick

with commitments and time and kids.

A friend might come if the rain calms down

But for now it obscures the mountains in the clouds

And she sits and she waits and she nibbles and sips

enjoys the hail and the drips that keep her inside

with a book and a beer and her jeans that are ripped


#stolenmoments #poetry #solitude


Fun with Black & White…or Is It?

With so much of the country covered in ice, I figured I’d post a few black and white winter shots…and challenge you. Which ones do you think are actual, color shots and which are black and white?

Black and white mountain with icy lake in foreground

Ok, this one’s a gimme, but pretty, eh?

ice on the lake

Jackson Lake



Hoar frost


Hoar frost

sun dog with silhouettes of trees

Pacific Creek

P1090262 P1090267

Winter Wonderland

shadow silhouette on snowThe park and its people are getting ready for  the holidays. We wait for the skies to start dumping snow and for a weird little hibernation to start. Maybe that is the wrong way to describe it. Winter is a combination of hiding out in our dark little houses and playing even harder than we do when it is 75 degrees out.

Here in the mountains, the days are short and nights are dark, but on the weekends, we layer up, throw the skis on and don’t come back until dark.

Snow covered trees

We shush our skis through miles of snow and soak in the low winter light, breathe in the air sparkling with ice crystals, and enjoy a nip of whiskey here and there.

Tree shadow on snow with mountain background


We sneak past secret places.

fox tracks in snow


giant snow ball


We talk, we don’t talk, we whiz down hill sides, we push up slopes until our heart is pumping, our layers are peeled off and the only thing left in our brains is the same crispness that’s in the air.

Oh…I do like winter.