Found Poetry: In a Tree

It’s a burden to desire
– yet sweet –

to follow the trail of fantasy
– and yearn –

from my depths just pointing me to a shape in the distance
to follow a trail of choices
– and transcend –

an identity I think I know
to trickle past a forest funk
to find the gold and green surprise
to duck past flowers
and creep towards crickets
and float on my merry way
and marvel – confused, unknowing –
and discover my bubbling identity
a source – a spring – deep within
stitched from ambition and smoke
I found it by following the scent deep
into the throat
of the woods


This is a poem made of “found words.” While other writers read poetry aloud, I wandered among them and wrote words that jumped out at me. From the list of random words, this poem was crafted.


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