Breakfast for Four



The fluff of a muffin

… the tug of a crusty bagel

The squish of the cheese

the pop of a grape

The clink of a fork

on the flat of a plate.

It’s Saturday.

Four friends gather after day break

– two groggy, two ready –

It’s the heart of a family

a ritual meal

Tick tock clip clop

They move through the kitchen

– a clockwork machine –

They work together with rhythm

-from the cook to the clean-

and they don’t have to think

when one’s at the table; another’ at the sink

with food spread wide

the ladies recline

and they laugh at the gaffs of the week that has past.

The day stretches long

The coffee keeps pouring

– sun glows breeze blows –

And the magic of four makes a breakfast that goes and goes

and a friendship that grows

and a laughter that heals a week of woes.

Living far from family, many of us assemble our trust of friends who stand in and become the support and safe circle we need in the absence of family. Mine are the Western Women, who – when we all lived in the same state – gathered every Saturday morning for brunch. 

#sisterfriends #chosenfamily #simplepleasures



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