Words for the Worn Out

Last week I read this poem to a group of interns on closing night after a week together. We were all reflecting on a week of inspiration and amped up with dangerous levels of idealism. It was a good segue from the insulated, safe world of orientation week towards going off on their own to their parks do the Real Work, the Good Work. 



I make myself bend to see the world

How do they see it?

If I stand on my head with my legs in a pretzel

Will it help me VIEW from their Eyes

Will it help me get my Way


Change THEIR lives

– or mine –

I bend for my Health – to get things done – to Move things Forward

because my little tiny tired soul – deep down – she is willing to bend like a swan to Twist to Contort

because she believes that if she does and looks and transform her View

She might just


…but no pressure.


I mean, it could be how I Feel

Or it could be a different kind of adjective

… a car can be well-tired


Or it could be newly tired with good traction for the snow.

When I say that I am “tired”

…maybe I am well-tired.

I’ve got Good Traction for Life.

(That road is slippery. And I am tired of winter.)

I’ve got fresh treads to carry me far

a nice round shape so I am

Well Balanced

for the journey.

I’ll make good time

I’ll get good milage

…and since I am Newly Tired

– Well-Tired –

I’ll take this mission far

get this vision delivered

see this life of wide open spaces


– and I have space for Passengers –


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