NatGeo Recycled: Fall on Moose Wilson

paper cuts made to look like trees in fall with mountains in the background

Fall on Moose Wilson Corridor – MMKohli 2015

NatGeo photos used: This one has the liberty bell, an underwater penguin shot, a tribal ceremony, a mountain lion, a watercolor, a coral reef and a Tide ad.

I’m enjoying a quiet weekend and decided to play with my photographs from the fall. This fall, the leaves peaked three times. There were days when this road looked like a sorbet bar – delicious, a million textures and explosions of color.

The photo muse:

photo of trees in peak fall foliage with mountain in the background

Moose Wilson Corridor, WY – MMKohli 2014

Is it silly to re-create a photo of the real thing?

I go through and collect NatGeo photos that are predominantly in one color tone and then reinvent them. I love the way it makes me look at those spectacular photographs more closely, to find their colors and textures in my own life and to recreate my own experiences with NatGeo’s world travels.


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