Still Life in Costa Rica

IMG_2395The dip of a my kayak paddle silently skimming the water

Clothes wet then dry at night then magically wet in the morning.

Rice. White bread. Pasta.

Sand stuck. Everywhere.

Looking up at wooden bunks Hard comers of wooden bunks pressing against he top of my feet at night.

Damp clothes.

rainforest trail


Cool water.

Screaming trees.

Deep soft croaks of frogs.

Short dogs.

Toad road kill.

Red butt tanagers.

Sweet smiles from strangers and Ticos.

Cold mora in the middle of a hot day.

Dusty feet.

Tiger heron

Tiger heron

Trogon and tiger heron on my hot sweaty walk.

Four macaws in a tall leafless tree above mangroves.

Missed bus. Convenient for cab drivers.

Tree fences next to red dirt road glowing gold.

The zip of fresh passion fruit.

The joy of fresh greens.

Sweet smell of ylang ylang heavy on the air.


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