Washing off the baggage of the day. Sometimes the day sits heavy over the evening like smog stuck in the valley. 

I leave work. I am hungry. I am feeling spent from wheels of my mind turning fast to prioritize, make better, stay ahead and finish what I should. 

Sometimes, during the day, a comment, thought or perceived mood sticks to me. Today it was a storm cloud of taking someone’s word for it and then having to eat my own. It left me storming all day.

I come home thinking, “I. Am. Done.” Maybe I only need a break. 

The idea always takes me back to a blue and yellow plaid couch. My legs are hooked over the arm of the couch. Brandon is moving around the kitchen. I close my eyes. I slow to stillness. My mind goes black. 

My hands rest on my abdomen.

I breathe and nothing else for ten minutes. 

When I emerge from the mental cocoon, my day is washed away and I can start the evening. Fresh.



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