Desert Elation

Dark shadows


Pink flowers fluttering

Desert’s tranquil landscape and delicate inhabitants

bear sharp reminders blackened cactus

Land drops out from under me

From serenity to raging obscenity

the Sun blinks out

Brilliant contours of slope – a distant memory

Mountains fade to gray silhouettes – not wanting to be seen

Palm trees along the street toss

– winds, furious – turn them inside outside out

silver fronds slashing back against the storm

Wind rips through the wild flowers like military police tossing bodies in a crowded street




Perfectly purple flowers bob and glisten with drops

Mountains lift and fold from the Earth

Light licks the slopes

The constant dissonance between calm and chaos draws me in

soothes me

This place could kill me

vast and dry

Hot and Merciless

But instead a lay down and feel the connection to the land 

to the past

Although the land is vast and indifferent

 – in contrast – 

I fell taken care of

Like the Creator is in me

Around me

A closeness astounds me

Darkness and light 

desolation and rejuvenation

hope and despair

rain storms and celebrations

This is my Desert Elation



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